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A peaceful and well-lighted one bedroom apartment suitable for up to four persons located near the high-end shopping center of Via dei Condotti and the famous Spanish Steps.

Week Price: 971€ - 1553€
Month Price: 4157€ - 6649€

A plush and comfortable apartment located inside an elaborately designed building suitable for those who wish to have their accommodations near the tourist attractions of Rome.

Week Price: 1112€ - 1780€
Month Price: 3706€ - 5927€

A one bedroom apartment built in the traditional Italian design with a cosy ambience suitable for up to 4 persons and is within a short distance from the famous Spanish Steps and the high-end shopping street of Via dei Condotti.

Week Price: 1117€ - 1763€
Month Price: 4196€ - 6688€

A beautiful and new one bedroom apartment within the city of Rome, located within a short distance from the Spanish Steps. Staying at the suites provides you with an excellent...

Week Price: 1261€ - 2020€
Month Price: 4203€ - 6724€

An outstanding and newly refurbished one bedroom accommodation which affords you easy access to one of the most famous attractions in Rome, the Spanish Steps.

Week Price: 1261€ - 2020€
Month Price: 4203€ - 6724€

A new single bedroom apartment located within close range to the world-famous attraction in Rome, the Spanish Steps. The layout of the Luxury Suite T1 apartment is as follows...

Week Price: 1261€ - 2020€
Month Price: 4203€ - 6724€

An elegant two-level one bedroom apartment built with a terrace located in one of the best areas in Rome. The apartment is located near the Piazza di Spagna which is the...

Week Price: 1277€ - 2005€
Month Price: 4105€ - 6530€

A brand new accommodation with a spectacular view of the city of Rome and the Tiber River at its rooftop, making it ideal for those who wish to explore the city with friends or with family.

Week Price: 1315€ - 2103€
Month Price: 4378€ - 7004€

A large 2-bedroom apartment which can easily accommodate up to 3 persons, situated near the famous Spanish Steps. This two-bedroom apartment occupies a total area of 70...

Week Price: 1421€ - 2237€
Month Price: 4588€ - 7303€

L'appartement est situé entre la Via del Babuino et Via Margutta. La suite est dans un bâtiment historique récemment restauré, situé dans le carré exclusif et privé dans la région, quelques-uns ...

Week Price: 1455€ - 2329€
Month Price: 4849€ - 7758€
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All our apartments in Paris and Rome are equipped with:
Heating system, refrigerator, bed linens and towels, hair dryer, kettle, toaster, coffee maker, iron & ironing board.

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