How to book an apartment in Paris


When will you pay the balance?

The balance can be paid the same way as the initial deposit. It has to be paid at least a month before the date of your arrival.
Any booking for an apartment effective within the next 30 days will require a full payment.

What is the security deposit for?

Upon your arrival in the apartment, you will need to sign a contract and you also need to provide your credit card number. You will not be charged in advance but if you do any damage to the apartment, Lodjee shall be authorized to collect the amount of damages from your credit card account.

Arrival and Departure:


Upon your arrival, a representative of Lodjee shall:
– provide you with the keys and the access code to the building and to your apartment,
– inform you about the facilities and amenities of the apartment such as internet connection, kitchen equipment, etc..
– answer your inquiries about the apartment as well as its location,
– sign the rental contract and authorisation for your credit card for the security deposit.

Arrival of guests should be between 8 AM and 8 PM

A Lodjee representative will welcome you at the apartment.
Make sure that you send us your arrival and departure dates as soon as you can. One week before you arrive, you shall receive an e-mail from our representative which includes his or her own mobile phone number. To remove the inconvenience of waiting for our representative when you arrive and to synchronize your arrival, make sure that you have phoned them when you arrive at the airport, train station, or at the 50km post in Paris if you are driving a car.
You can check in at your apartment directly upon your arrival in Paris unless there is still an occupant and would have to wait until they check out. Check out time is 2 PM and occupancy may not be determined when you booked for the apartment. You can book the apartment a day earlier if you want to make sure that you can check in directly before 2 PM.

Arrival of guests should be before 8 AM or after 8 PM

If you will be arriving between 8 PM and 8 AM or at night, we highly suggest booking one of our cabs for your transportation. The cab will bring you to your apartment and will also provide you with the keys and the access codes for it. The meeting with the Lodjee representative shall be made the next day and will tour you around the apartment with no additional fees. If you are not subscribed to this offer or if your arrival does not fit around this method, there will be an additional charge of 75 EUR for the representative.
If you will be arriving at night and would like to book a cab through our services, you shall need to send us your credit card number either by phone or e-mail :

– Card Type: VISA, MasterCard or AMEX
– Card Number:
– Expiration Date:
– Three security digits (4 for Amex)

It is mandatory to have this information before your arrival, to get the apartment’s keys.


You can check out of the apartment at the time that you prefer if there is no scheduled check-in at the same day or the day afterwards. If there is a scheduled check-in at the apartment, then you will need to check out before 10 AM. Information about this may not be available when you booked for the apartment so if you want to check out after 10 AM, make sure to book the apartments for an additional day.

There will be no additional charges:

The prices that we advertise through our website is inclusive of:
– rental fees,
– utility fees such as water, gas, and electricity (*),
– cleaning fees unless you left the apartment in a very unclean state,
– towels and linens. If you are going to stay for more than 15 days, we will provide you with new ones upon request,
– baby cots, if they are available, free of charge,
– ADSL Internet connection (if the apartment has one),
– telephone services; local calls are free but international calls should be made using a prepaid card.

An additional 2% shall be charged upon to the total costs to cover bank charges.

(*) The utility fees for water, gas, and electricity are all covered by the rental prices as long as kept to the reasonable consumption and also upon the weather conditions during the duration of your stay. For example, windows should not be left open during the winter while using the heating system of the apartment.

Cancellation Policy

If you are not covered by our cancellation insurance.
You may experience the following cases if you decide to cancel your booking:
– if the booking is cancelled more than 2 months prior the arrival, we will refund 65% of the booking deposit with a EUR 75 deduction for the administrative fees.
– if the booking is cancelled between 1 to 2 months prior to your arrival, you will be asked for nothing else than the deposit already paid.
– if the booking is cancelled less than one month prior to your arrival, the whole booking amount will be requested and paid to the owner.

If you sign-up for our cancellation insurance:

Lodjee offers cancellation policies in order to cover the risks of cancelling a booking. It is highly advised to anyone who wishes to book with us.
Cancellation insurance policies are available only for apartment rentals which last for less than 3 months.

Insurance benefits:

1 – Bookings can be cancelled for particular reasons (see stipulations in the contract).
2 – You will be refunded for unused days if you have to suddenly interrupt your stay.
3 – Damages to the apartment shall be covered by the insurance for up to EUR 2500 with a EUR 75 deduction for fees.

This link will lead you to the general conditions: General conditions

How do you cancel a booking?

1 – E-mail us about the cancellation to make it available for future bookings.
2 – Explain why you have to cancel the booking together with supporting documents.
3 – Contact the insurance company either through regular mail or e-mail by sending us the documents.
4 – Please include the following information for insurance purposes:
– your mailing address
– your phone number
– the booking agency – Lodjee
– the booking reference
– the dates for your scheduled check-in and check-out
Important: Make sure to include the names of all the persons who will be occupying the apartment with you on the space for “Customer” when you pay for the booking deposit.

Other services provided by Lodjee:

House cleaning during the whole duration of your stay.

The agency provides cleaning services every three days or more at a rate of EUR 25 per hour for a minimum of 2 hours.

Exclusive Limousine services

We recommend booking a taxi through our agency for your transportation from the airport or train station to the apartment and vice versa. You will find your hired taxi waiting for you by exiting on the head of the train after you have paid your customs fees. You will be greeted by a sign board bearing your name and the cab will take you directly to your apartment where a Lodjee representative will be waiting for you.

Taxi fares (should be paid directly to the driver of the cab):

From Roissy/CDG Airport to the apartment:
Up to 4 persons – 75 EUR
5 persons – 85 EUR
6 to 7 persons – 105 EUR

From Orly Airport to the apartment:
Up to 4 persons – 65 EUR
5 persons – 75 EUR
6 to 7 persons – 95 EUR

From the train station to the apartment:
Up to 4 persons – 45 EUR
5 persons – 50 EUR
6 to 7 persons – 60 EUR

It is important to contact the taxi through the number provided to you during the validation of your booking if you are not able to see your taxi at the airport or at the place of your arrival. You will still be charged with the cab fees if the taxi was there and you decided to take another cab.

IMPORTANT: Bookings should be done online through our website in the specified customer area (coming soon). At the moment, you can send us your booking reference through e-mail at

Make sure that you have typed the correct information with regards to the time and date of your arrival and departure in the information form.
Do not include your request for cab services in the comments area of the customer space.

Baby cribs.

Kindly inform us if you have any need for a baby crib so we can reserve one for you.

Minimum duration of stay:

The minimum duration of stay is for one week. Depending upon the owner of the apartment, we can arrange for a lower stay of 5 nights only if it fits with with the availability of the apartment or if you are making a booking with less than 15 days prior to your arrival. The minimum amount of stay, however, during Christmas and New Year seasons (from December 15 to January 15) is for 7 nights only.